Ficino in Spain

Ficino in Spain

Ficino in Spain. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2015.

Reviews: Craig Kallendorf in Neo-Latin News 63.3-4 [Seventeenth-Century News 73.3-4]; Fred de Armas in Renaissance Quarterly 69.2 (Summer 2016); Bruno Damiani in Modern Philology 114.1 (August 2016); Armando Maggi in Revista de Estudios Hispánicos 50.2 (June 2016); Gabrielle Piedad Ponce-Hegenauer in MLN 132.2 (2017); Enrique Fernández in University of Toronto Quarterly 86.3 (2017);  Michael J.B. Allen in Cervantes 37.2 (2017); Juan Bubello in Correspondences 7.2 (2019); Donald Kagay in Sixteenth Century Journal 50.2 (2019).

Indexed in Oxford Bibliographies, “Marsilio Ficino,” Influence.

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